The importance of our relationship with others


Dreaming of being with another person, of sharing life with him or her, is entirely legal.

Not only that, it is the most natural. Why would we be in this world if not to share our experience with someone else?

Dreams of love are not only the most natural, they are also the most accessible...

As we explained in the section "what science shows", dreams do not belong to the physical and measurable world, nor does love belong to this field. This means that dreams of love are perfectly achievable within this limitless space that surrounds them, in fact, love, in this area, is a structural basis of the Universe.

Why some of those dreams don't come true then?

The details of the answer to this question are explained extensively in "The game of dreams", but we can add that the key to making these dreams come true is that these relationships must be based on love.

Without the intention of developing this topic, human relationships are based on different types of conditioning factors and forces of attraction, love is only one of them. The problem is that many of the relationships we have are not initially built on love because the external conditions are too intense to realize it, in fact, one of the most genuine relationships is the relationship between mothers and sons and daughters, since it begins on a pure basis of love.

What happens is that on many occasions the forces of attraction and the combination between them are confused with love.


"He who wants to be loved must want the freedom of the other, because love emerges from it, if I submit it, it becomes an object, and from an object I cannot receive love."

Jean Paul Sartre

It is possible to be with who we want, it is possible to share and love someone, he or she is vibrating with us, we just have to overcome the obstacles to reach him.

Bases of human relationships

Human relationships are based on the one hand, on some kind of attraction force between each other and we are only aware of a part of those forces. These forces are: security (fear), survival, physical attraction and love (security and physical attraction are often confused with love, which causes very large imbalances in relationships over time, since that, in general, consciousness evolves over time, the more conscious we are, the more our relationships depend on love).

In addition to those forces, which are predetermined, there is also the decision, that is, what we do of our own free will, the commitment.

These are the general basis of most relationships, although love is usually part of a percentage that evolves over time.

Dreams of love are possible, as long as they are "of love", that is, unconditional and in the sense of the other person.

Dreams that are built on the basis of security, survival, physical attraction or commitment, have a component of control and / or possession with they have to do with another person, we expect something from someone... this is not bad, it is just not love, and dreams are based on freedom, which is not possible in those cases.

Controlling or possessing someone is not a dream of love because it violates the principle of freedom, therefore this person will never love us.

To love, to share with a person, is actually a great dream.

To share

You may need time, you may need money... you can do that working or selling a part of yourself, you can sell your time to get money to have more time to spend the money you don't have, choosing between time and money... drowned, out of breath... running for more, running to survive, not to die, dying day by day, little by little and hopelessly. You can invent whatever you want to justify your survival, you can give yourself the excuses you want to respond to your fears...

But do not forget that there is something that nothing and nobody can take away from you, those are your dreams... and since dreams do not depend on time, they can bring you back to life in a fraction of a second, in the subway, in the elevator, in bed before from sleeping, exhausted from the day you've had.

And don't forget this, sharing your dreams is the only thing you really have, everything can disappear in a moment, without you being able to do anything.

And to share something you only need to see that special person for you, with whom you can be, talk and dream... beyond time...

Sharing your dreams with that person, with that presence, is the only thing you have, the only thing that is really yours, outside of time, beyond money.

Do not waste this…

And if this person is in your life, take care of him a lot, because this is rare, this has a great value, and not all the time in the world can replace a person, nor all the money in the world can give you the happiness of sharing a brief instant with another being.

And when it comes to building your reality remember this, look at what time and money take from you and what love gives you, so take care of your priorities, because some kill you and others give you life.

And above all this, do not forget that you do not have to ask anyone for permission to be who you are, to do what you want, if so... do not dream, because your dreams are based on your freedom, and in case of doubt remember "It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission"...

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