Feminine essential

The concept "Feminine Essential" was born from the idea that the functioning of the world is unbalanced. When studying the quality of this imbalance, it is evident that societies follow a clearly masculine pattern, as shown by the industries that move the most money.

This imbalance affects the planet completely, both in its ecology and in the quality of life of its inhabitants, with which the idea appears that if some kind of balance were reached, we could live in a much better world... all of us.

The purpose is to create a feminine movement to gradually balance the masculine polarities. For this, there has to be a clear increase in the power of the female polarity in all areas, which does not mean that there has to be more women in those areas, which also does, but that attitudes must be more feminine in general.


The Laws of the Universe

Everything in the universe is held in different polarities between which a tension is generated, which facilitates and produces the appearance of the structures that we know, from the stars to the most sophisticated communication systems, if these systems did not have a certain balance, they would never they could work.

The "Feminine Essential" philosophy holds that social structures are also generated by two polarities, from the beginning of life itself to the most advanced societies. In this case, the balance is also essential and the functioning of society depends on it.

Just as the electrical spark occurs between the positive and negative poles, life and societies occur between the male and female poles.


The proposal is to balance male power, which can only be achieved by increasing the power of female energy.

For this it is necessary that women who feel involved in this movement, in which, as in all women, the feminine energy is much more present due to their biological and neuronal constitution, increase their individual and personal power. Second, it is about bringing together all that power to have the ability to produce the balance.


"Feminine Essential" is only an idea to increase feminine power, the clarity that power gives us is what should facilitate timely actions, in a balanced and efficient way.

The  platform "Feminine Essential" is still under construction, but if you are concerned about how the world is going and you think that you can participate in its improvement, you can be part of this initiative by contacting me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., I will contact you to explain the progress and the novelties that are produced.

You can also visit this site to see what happens, none of that commits you absolutely to anything beyond your will, your decision and your power.

The word "feminism" doesn't appear because it should not exist, and we want it to disappear... It is like the word "slavery", if it exists, it means that something is going wrong.

The male pole

Philosophical essay

Feminine Essential

Feminine Essential proposes the hypothesis that the balance can only be restored by increasing the feminine energy, more present in women, since the masculine energy is exacerbated and installed in a power that it does not seem to want to give up.

To achieve this goal, the proposal of this essay is to understand the reason for this situation in order to apply appropriate solutions and thus achieve balance.

(This essay is currently being translated, any input to facilitate this is welcome.)

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