Dreams of wealth

When asking about their dreams many people talk about money, what it would mean to have a lot of money.

Money is a source of social energy, in other words, money can become almost everything we imagine, it can even become time, space ... it can achieve that many dreams can be fulfilled with which, having money is turns into a dream by itself.

The fact is that by definition dreams do not belong to the real world, to physical space, dreams are part of a Universe that is infinite, where time does not exist, we can even dream of changing the past, or modifying the future, although this is not possible by the laws of physics, and money will not make this can be different.

To fulfill dreams, wealth can be important, but it is also possible that it does not help at all. I don't think Steve Jobs had money problems coping with his illness, and he couldn't get over it ...

One of the peculiarities of wealth is that it has no name, it has no intention or will, it has no specific purpose. Wealth can serve to help people or to subdue them, it can serve to share it or to acquire more goods, it can serve to cure or cause diseases, it can even serve to take lives ...

If we dream of being rich, we are dreaming of something that does not belong to the world of dreams, with which the tools we use to achieve dreams do not work for this type of company, the dream game does not work if we only dream of wealth ... wealth does not belong to the infinite part of the Universe, love and dreams cannot be bought.

What is true is that many dreams require means, for this is the game, to let the Universe provide us with what we need in each case, as we explained in "The Game of Dreams."

From the universal space of dreams, if we say "I want to be rich!" the answers are very clear, for what?

Power for power's sake does not make sense in the world of dreams, we do not want something if it is not to use it at a given moment, what is very important for, although this for what is only a possibility.

And what exactly is our dream for.

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