The Code of Life


reality changes if we change the code

From the perspective of programming, any event is based on a code... This code is what provides order, form and structure to the event in question, whether it is a program with a functionality, an image, a form.

It is possible that existence precedes essence depending on what circumstance, but in programming terms it would be like saying that the object precedes the code...

The possibility that the code does not exist or that it does not precede the object is not contemplated.

Theoretical and philosophical approaches only explain a part of reality, hence the Theory of the Unknowable, on which the Code of Life is based, separates reality into two regions, the physical, which depends on time and the science studies in a reductionist way, and the unknowable, which encompasses everything that goes beyond, such as consciousness, imagination, dreams or creativity, which can only be approached from a holistic point of view.

"The Code of Life consists of a series of essays to study and suggest explanations for the facts that affect social balance from the beginning, with the purpose of being able to influence what does not work.

The first essay reviews the human condition, since this is the starting point of the system in which we find ourselves. It analyzes this from its purpose to its achievement, defining necessary concepts for this purpose, such as existence, life and consciousness with the aim of fixing these variables and taking them as a reference in the rest of the study. For this, he analyzes mental states, such as beliefs and the effect they have on the individual, moods such as feelings and emotions and their importance in behavior; the character and its construction, the masculine and feminine codes are studied to approach the human factors that affect the construction of a society, and those that determine the humanity of a system."

From the approach of the Theory of the Unknowable, reality, in a broad sense, is the result of a cycle, the cycle of existence, in which the first step can be consciousness, from which existence is born as a means and from there is life with the purpose of experience, for this perception evolves, closing the circle with one's own consciousness: consciousness (beginning), physical existence (medium), life (necessary step), experience (consequence), conscious life (purpose ), consciousness (end).

Feminine Essential

Feminine Essential is the second essay of the code and arises from the idea that the functioning of the world is unbalanced. When studying the quality of this imbalance, it becomes evident that societies follow a clearly masculine pattern, as shown by the industries that move the most money.

This imbalance completely affects the planet, both in its ecology and in the quality of life of its inhabitants, which gives rise to the idea that if some kind of balance were reached, we could live in a much better world... all of us.

The purpose is to create a feminine movement to modify the codes on which this reality is based and thus gradually balance the masculine polarities. For this, there must be a clear increase in the power of the feminine polarity in all areas, which does not mean that there are more women in those areas, but that attitudes are more feminine in general.

The Laws of the Universe

Everything in the universe is sustained in different polarities between which a tension is generated, which facilitates and produces the appearance of the structures we know, from the stars to the most sophisticated communication systems, if these systems did not have a certain balance, they would never they could work.

The Feminine Essential philosophy maintains that social structures are also generated by two polarities, from the beginning of life itself to the most advanced societies. In this case, balance is also fundamental and the functioning of society depends on it.

Just as the electric spark occurs between the positive and negative poles, life and societies occur between the masculine and feminine poles.


The proposal is to balance masculine power, which can only be achieved by modifying certain codes to increase the power of feminine energy.

For this, it is necessary that the women who feel involved in this movement, in which, as in all women, the feminine energy is much more present due to its biological and neural constitution, increase their individual and personal power. Secondly, it is about bringing together all that power to have the capacity to produce balance.


 Feminine Essential is only an idea to increase feminine power, the clarity that power gives us is what should facilitate the appropriate actions, in a balanced and efficient way.

Femenino Esencial aims to create a platform to implement the proposed initiatives, it is still under construction, but if you are concerned about how the world is going and you think you can participate in its improvement, you can be part of this movement, contact us.

You can also go visiting this site to see what happens, none of this commits you absolutely to anything beyond your will, your decision and your power.

The word "feminism" doesn't appear because it shouldn't exist, and we want it to disappear... It's like the word "slavery", if it exists, it means something is wrong.

The male pole

philosophical essay

Feminine Essential

Feminine Essential proposes the hypothesis that balance can only be restored by increasing feminine energy, more present in women, since masculine energy is exacerbated and installed in a power that it does not seem to want to give up.

To achieve this objective, the proposal of this essay is to understand the reason for this situation, to know how do we implant the codes of what happening, to generate new codes in order to find appropriate solutions and thus achieve the balance.

(This essay is currently under review.)

There is only one destination,
Only together can we reach it.