The game of dreams


You can play or not, you decide, you are the prize!

What is the game of dreams

The Game of Dreams is based on a metaphor, the metaphor of plants, where our dreams can grow in the garden of our life, after having planted them properly.

The chips and the game board

The chips to play are our dreams, without dreams there is no game, and the board on which those chips are going to move is our life, where the clues and obstacles that we are going to find until we meet the final goal.

The prize

The prize is happiness since playing consists of walking where we want to go and happiness is on this path.

Walking and going nowhere doesn't make much sense...

The participants

The Game of Dreams is a participatory game, all the people we know always participate, in one way or another, some in favor and others against our dreams.

The key is to find out who favors our dreams and who hinders them...

How to play

Elements and rules of the game

The root protocol

The template of the game

The root protocol consists of making a drawing in which we can write different elements, both those that belong to the world of dreams and those that we observe in the real world, seeing how they evolve.

For this and to cultivate and grow our dream, the first thing we must do is print the template, this can be done by saving the image on a device that allows it, the print quality is not important.

Following the metaphor of the tree, planting the seeds of our dream is equivalent to describing it in the place where it belongs, following the detailed instructions in the chapter dedicated to it in the book "The Game of Dreams".

The Game of Dreams. Available on Amazon

The rules of the game

The Game of Dreams

The Game of Dreams is a practical manual for achieving dreams... so that anyone can do this.

But all the practice is based on theoretical assumptions, which is what is developed at the beginning of the book, where the reason and why of the steps that are proposed are explained.

The second part tells us about the soul... it tells us about this area of ​​the Universe in which physical reality and infinity coexist, the human soul, which contains from dreams to the most rational understanding of physical reality, from perception from the most subtle feelings to the management of our being, where many of the reasons why our dreams do not come true ...

The third part talks about reality, its tricks and conditions, which are very evident and verifiable, and which must be respected if we want to bring our dream to the real world, it tells us about the efforts that we cannot avoid.

The fourth part describes step by step the path of dreams to their achievement, what are the traps that we will find and what we can do to avoid them.


The Game of Dreams. Available on Amazon


Dreams that can come true

And what science shows...

For questions about dreams, contact us!

The making of dreams is not virtual...
it is not public.
It is intimate and very real.
That is why we need to see this image and physically touch it...
That's why we draw it on paper


Frequently asked questions about dreams and how to achieve them

Why do we dream?

We dream because we are conscious beings and we have the ability to connect with a universe beyond, because we have the ability to imagine and to create

 What does it mean to make dreams come true?

Dreams belong to an infinite and timeless world, making these dreams come true means that they admit the limits of reality and time, which is not always possible. A dream come true is that circumstance that, despite not being exactly as we have imagined, fills our soul

Why dreams are not fulfilled?

In the same way that dreams can come true by vibrating with them, if there is an opposite vibration, they will not come true. There are many circumstances that can go against a dream, one of them is that a person, or many, does not want it, whether consciously or unconsciously, thinking perhaps that this may harm us, or that it is not the most appropriate for us. This means that something or someone does not allow us to be free to fulfill our dream.

We can only fulfill dreams if we are FREE, otherwise these are only fantasies.

Why do dream techniques work so little?

Many of these techniques are not designed to fulfill dreams, but to enrich those who propose them (buying a lottery to fulfill your dream is a very evident example), in addition, many of these techniques faces unconscious conditioning factors with which they cannot compete, deep-rooted beliefs and thoughts that cannot be banished. Others, which seek to change habits, are also unsuccessful because they only cover a small part of the conditions necessary to reach the goal. Finally, it is very possible that many dreams are not fulfilled because people give up prematurely, just before achieving it, due to the discouragement caused by the system.

Why are dreams the key to happiness?

Dreams are closely linked to the most creative and infinite part of being, its freedom and its growth, and growing in freedom is a great source of happiness, in the same way that dreaming expresses the most genuine of each being, connects us with ourselves. themselves, and feeling that we are is also a great source of happiness because it shows others what we really want them to recognize.

Can we dream of being with someone?

Sharing with others is one of the greatest sources of happiness, so dreaming of this goal is the most natural thing.