Holostum project

Holostum project consists of creating the means so that all human beings have the opportunity to express their talent, disseminating content to inspire, training vulnerable groups, detecting emerging talents from around the world and facilitating their expression, offering alternatives to the philosophies and toxic habits that prevail, to suggest new ideas with the purpose of contributing to create a more tolerant, human and free way of living.

This is a dynamic page that is in constant motion... On the one hand we can see the projects and on the other hand what we have achieved.

(The projects and results pages are still under development, they are still just "projects".)


Dreams and projects

Dreams are not real... they are only ideas that we would like to see happen, "they are events, projects, aspirations that are yearned for or pursued, and that one thinks of with pleasure", but they need to materialize. For this, we make projects, we make plans... New scenarios are created, to carry them out, and to make them possible it is necessary to have a clear vision of its contents.

With time and effort, projects become plans that eventually materialize.



The contents of this vision are based on The Trilogy of the Unknowable, which consists of three groups of essays that develop from the most theoretical to the most practical part of the study about existence, consciousness and life:

The Theory of the Unknowable is the philosophical essay on which the entire development of the project is based. He maintains that "everything that exists" is divided into two large regions, physical reality and unknowable reality. Physical reality is delimited by everything that can be measured, it depends on time, space and matter, this is the field of science. The unknowable reality is infinite, in which consciousness, purpose and decisions reside, it cannot be measured in any way. The human being, by being conscious, has the ability to perceive and manage the infinite universe through feelings, to decide on his life.

The Game of Dreams is an essay that offers a very functional method to realize dreams and projects, and thus achieve happiness. The initiative is about reaching out to everyone to help change their perspective and attitude.

The Code of Life, which is a group of essays in which the details of the construction of human existence are developed, as well as the possibilities that exist to promote an initiative that proposes that by restoring a balance between the masculine and feminine polarities in the world, everything could work much better (these books are currently under construction, modifying and enriching the "Essential Feminine" initiative).

This theoretical part is illustrated by the HOLOSTUM novel saga, which is made up of six titles (The Angel of the Desert, The Dream of the Angel, Undercover, Rebeca, Revolution and Exodus) and is based on the Trilogy of the Unknowable. The purpose of this saga is to illustrate the theories exposed in the trilogy through fictional stories, contributing and developing different points of view to the conjectures and hypotheses that are proposed (only the first trilogy of this saga is available).

The pulse of consciousness

The most important thing to carry out this project is the participation of a very large number of people, and what we all have in common is the beating of our hearts. The frequency of this heartbeat, in the case of the human being, is proportional to the "heartbeat of the Earth".

Based on this premise, and with the aim of bringing everyone together under the same conscious frequency, we have created pulsonome ®.

pulsonome ® is the brand of applications (APPs) whose purpose is the well-being of people. In these applications, different sounds can be heard with different frequencies with the aim of facilitating relaxation, sleep, activation or even meditation or concentration.

These applications are for sale all over the world and the benefits are used to carry out the aforementioned initiatives, in addition to collaborating in helping vulnerable groups.

One of the applications is called GAIA PULSE. Its functionality allows everyone to connect to the frequency of the planet, which is the frequency proportional to the intrinsic frequency of the Earth (Schumann resonance) in which the user can connect at any time they want, being able to see how many people are connected to the same time. Being connected to this frequency, all hearts beat at the same time. The applications are as follows: Overcome loneliness, meditate while resonating with thousands of people, focus on supporting major disasters, silent protests, etc.