Perform, bringing something into the physical and tangible world is one of the purposes of existence, to do this we need power, without this power we will not be able to achieve any goal. 
The purpose of the PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT is to make easier that each individual achieves the power to do what he or she has wants to do.
Without the ability “to can”, there is no chance of having anything, no, nor the right to have it.  G. I. Gurdjieff


Goals and benefits

The capacity for realization is directly proportional to the power we have to execute it. Increasing Personal Power results in freedom to act in a respectful, responsible and autonomous way, benefiting both ourselves and our environment, whatever it may be, generating well-being and achieving the goals we want.

The maximum power in the field of human beings is achieved when their different energies, purposes and intentions, longings and actions, will and feelings are aligned.

In the social field, it happens exactly the same, the maximum efficiency, the greater power developed happens when the contribution of its members is balanced.


The path to empowerment

Our inner power, our personal power, is as great as our greatest weakness, increasing it and balancing it, immediately increases our power.

In the end, a cart pulled by horses goes at the speed of the slowest.

  • Assessment, diagnosis and detection of the imbalances that cause the decrease of personal power.

  • Personal and individual development, responsible and conscious to connect with latent potentials.

  • Individual recognition and development of potentials until they become real power, ready for application in the personal and collective field.

  • Commitment to apply the potential developed by the individual and also the collective, developing new attitudes and creating new habits.

The differential factor

"Money cannot buy feelings, a feeling can generate results."

Personal empowerment is the result of different combined actions that are executed in a specific way, systematically building the lines of power, initially in the individual, until extrapolating to the whole, creating positive feedback to produce an upward spiral.

By maximizing the effectiveness of people by increasing their personal power, it also increases their well-being and their sense of autonomy, and therefore increases their involvement in the project of the whole, because feelings of affinity towards the group are generated in the individual.

The empowerment of women

Itinerary for empowerment

Female power has been suppressed for a long time, yet the challenge of women has not diminished, quite the opposite...

That is why it is necessary for women to be able to have access to their full capacity for action, to face, not only the unavoidable and forced challenges they have, but also to be able to fully express their femininity.

The path to achievement and full experience passes through personal power (without which we cannot pretend to have anything, not even recognition, and that's for everyone), this entails inescapable milestones, such as self-knowledge (we cannot count or trust what we do not know), know where our differential peculiarities are (it is not the same to be a man or a woman), find the balance between our characteristics, know first-hand what we have to do and have the ability to develop it.