Writer, ideologist

I was born and raised in Paris, later I studied Physical Sciences and Psychology in Spain, although I did not finish either degree...

Coach, Consultant in human relations and personal empowerment



My purpose is to facilitate reflection ... inspiring everyone by writing stories or asking them questions, so that things can work as everyone wants since the keys to happiness are in the realization of inner desire... for people and between people.

The means used to get the message across is not the important thing, could it be it books, films or conferences... The point is to reach everyone.


I propose to look at things in a different way, since many times the solutions appear in a corner that we are not contemplating, many times life changes only changing our point of view, and this does not depend on anyone but ourselves.

"Each one's life is unique, there is no formula that works for everyone, only self-consciousness.."

The Theory of the Unknowable©

All my work, my way of seeing the world, as well as my professional career in different fields, are marked by a theory that I started to develop when I was only twelve years old and that until a long time later has not materialized in what I call “The Theory of the Unknowable©”… 

The purpose of the Theory of the Unknowable is to explain how the Universe works, where do we come from, where do we go, why do we exist… In what things science is correct and in what it is wrong. Why religions have had and still have their importance, what is their big mistake and why are they so necessary... From there also follows a coherent view about what is right and what is wrong, where do we go when we die, or why do we born where we have born. Is this really the only life there is? Is there heaven and hell? What are dreams made of?

What are we here for?

What is the purpose of life, of existence?

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Vision and values

The keys to the future and the answers we seek are within us, and the best way to get them out is inspiration and reflection, which only appear in the intimate relationship with ourselves, reading stories, looking at images, or asking us questions...

From this vision, we can achieve a better world or a fuller life, by the fact of becoming the heirs of our will, instead of subscribing to the wishes of others.



Ultimately life is what gives us the degree of "experience", both by the perspective it offers and by the experiences we acquire.

And this life has taught me that without the power to adapt, someone always forces us to do something that we do not really want to do... it has happened to me.

Hence my obsession and determination that each one has the power to do what he wants, to be where he wants to be, to be what he feels he is.

And this is the power that has always been denied to women, for example, and that they must recover, not only to be themselves but to balance a world that is sinking.

  • As a coach

    I have been a coach for almost 10 years, as a coach and coaching teacher, which has given me a very objective view of situations.

  • As a Writer

    I have always written, I have always had the need to express my thoughts in some way, either to inspire others or for a personal impulse.

    I write in the field of the novel and also of the philosophical essay, articles and short stories, as well as scripts, always with the aim of inspiring and sensitizing people to make a better world.

    As a photographer and filmmaker

    The biggest part of my professional life has been developing photography for different media, for more than twenty years, in which I have learned to observe my surroundings in order to explain things with images.

    Moving photographs became movies that make it easier for me to explain the stories I write



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