"The purpose of the books is to explain a vision... Aware that everything can be seen from different angles and perspectives, I use two different channels to explain what I see, the essays explain the theoretical approach and the novels illustrate the possibilities."

Note: In general, all of Philippe Centell's books are written in Spanish except for some that have already been translated into other languages, we hope to have them soon in all possible languages...


HOLOSTUM COMMUNITY is a series of novels that deals with characters from outside the Earth who, upon realizing how it works, appear to intervene in the improvement of the planet, using different strategies and tools, and encountering the conflicts caused by resistance to change. This series consists of six titles: The Angel of the Desert, The Dream of the Angel, The Departed, Rebecca, Revolution and Exodus, and of which “Imagine” is the introduction. Dennis Jones, the author of “Imagine,” appears as a character in the third title, The Departed.

These novels are based on the Trilogy of the Unknowable, with the purpose of illustrating and arguing the proposed theories through fictional stories, contributing and developing different points of view to the conjectures and hypotheses that are proposed.

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The Angel of the Desert

Monique Vilmorin is the illegitimate great-granddaughter of Marshal Rommel, heiress to a hidden fortune that he has bequeathed to her and which a group of neo-Nazis led by her husband, Joseph Lesicki, wants to appropriate. For this purpose he wants to kidnap her taking advantage of a trip she makes to the Sahara desert, but miraculously she escapes...

In the desert, she meets Anir Assar, a Tuareg who is the one who rescues her from her kidnappers, Anir explains that he belongs to an association whose objective is to improve the world, this community, called Human Angels led by William Fairchild also has of extraterrestrial technology that they keep secret, since it is the key to increase the capabilities of the human being, and they realize that this is probably also the objective of fascist groups to dominate the world.

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The Angel's Dream

William Fairchild meets Claire Angel at the Berne airport while she is proposing an NGO to people. A very special relationship is established between them and that drives him to change his life and contribute to the improvement of the world, which leads him to meet extraordinary beings and another planet, willing to help him in his purpose...

These beings, in view of the different events that have occurred on Earth, such as the latest pandemic or other natural disasters, decide to study the reasons that have caused them. After observing the facts, through ethnographic research and surveys carried out among the population, they invite people from outside the Earth to observe what is happening here... they also invite people from Earth to visit other planets with a high level of consciousness so that They can see the differences and similarities.

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The research work begins by people from the planet Mérout, who will study different types of relationships on Earth, Dennis Jones relates to Lucy, Dave with Elle, and Claire with Ian... while they find Kyle who helps them with the technology that brings Sara from Mérout to study people's reactions live.

These actions lead to unexpected relationships between outside researchers and people on Earth.
Arama, who comes from the planet Meyo, infiltrates Adolf Lanz's organization to find out the whereabouts of fifteen-year-old Rebeca Blanchard, who they hold to take advantage of her abilities.
Leatrice Chelminiak holds Arama and the Angels hatch a plan to rescue her and Rebeca from Adolf Lanz's facilities.

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This is the review of the first book I wrote, it was in 2003.

This edition is signed by Dennis Jones...

Dennis Jones is a character who comes from another planet to share the vision he has of what happens on Earth, about its functioning, its customs, the reasons why much of what happens (violence, wars, the arms trade or the price of food) does not favor life or the human experience.

Dennis Jones falls in love with a woman and explains to her in an intimate way and in the form of a letter, how everything could work just by changing some beliefs and taking into account the guidelines that are used in the conscious universe, which is not done on Earth.

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In Review:

  • "The Code of Life" explains the construction of human reality
  • "Feminine Essential", to propose actions and initiatives


  • "Rebeca", continuation of Holostum Community
  • "Revolution", ...
  • "Exodus", outcome of the saga
  • "The Code of Dreams", a new way to materialization



The Theory of the Unknowable

All my work, my way of seeing the world, as well as my professional career in different fields, are marked by a theory that I started to develop when I was only twelve years old and that until a long time later has not materialized in what I call “The Theory of the Unknowable ©”… 

The purpose of the Theory of the Unknowable is to explain how the Universe works, where do we come from, where do we go, why do we exist… In what things science is correct and in what it is wrong. Why religions have had and still have their importance, what is their big mistake and why are they so necessary... From there also follows a coherent view about what is right and what is wrong, where do we go when we die, or why do we born where we have born. Is this really the only life there is? Is there heaven and hell? What are dreams made of?

What are we here for?

What is the purpose of life, of existence?

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The rules of the game

The Game of Dreams

The Game of Dreams is a practical manual for achieving dreams... so that anyone can do this.

But all the practice is based on theoretical assumptions, which is what is developed at the beginning of the book, where the reason and why of the steps that are proposed are explained.

The second part tells us about the soul... it tells us about this area of ​​the Universe in which physical reality and infinity coexist, the human soul, which contains from dreams to the most rational understanding of physical reality, from perception from the most subtle feelings to the management of our being, where many of the reasons why our dreams do not come true ...

The third part talks about reality, its tricks and conditions, which are very evident and verifiable, and which must be respected if we want to bring our dream to the real world, it tells us about the efforts that we cannot avoid.

The fourth part describes step by step the path of dreams to their achievement, what are the traps that we will find and what we can do to avoid them.

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Feminine Essential

Feminine Essential proposes the hypothesis that balance can only be restored in the world by increasing feminine energy, more present in women, since masculine energy is exacerbated and installed in a power that does not seem to want to give it up .

To achieve this objective, the proposal of this essay is to know and discover the raw material with which the necessary tools can be developed to increase female potency and how to apply them to achieve balance.

(This book is currently under review)


The Essential Woman

"The Essential Woman" is an invitation to reflect on the most feminine characteristics of a human being, discovering their intrinsic capabilities. Published by the Indigo publishing house in Spanish, it is the basis on which "Feminine Essential" is written.


Inner Beauty

The 60 keys to inner beauty
Our physical appearance is the canvas on which all our concerns are reflected, all our doubts, each limitation that we impose on ourselves, each obligation that traps us...

It is possible to reflect and find ways out, order everything that worries us or that does not allow us to move forward to gradually erase the traces of its effects on our body and on our face, until we contemplate on the outside the well-being that we can develop within ourselves. .

Beauty is only the evidence that everything works correctly, it is only the most genuine expression of ourselves, it is only a very powerful and real indicator...

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Julio, 2014