It is a recent discipline in the history of the study of human behavior and the support that can be offered to those who require it. It is based on different disciplines that have appeared throughout history, such as mayhemics or even psychoanalysis.

The LogoCoaching

The LogoCoaching is a methodology developed by Philippe Centell based on his experience in which reflection comes not only from oneself but from the circumstances around us.

This method is based on the Viktor Frankl Logotherapy that postulates that the will to find the meaning of life is the first motivation of the human being, in short, what moves us is what gives us the energy for change, and therefore the improvement.
All the answers are within us, and only the real will to find them can lead us to them... They are locked behind a door from which we do not have the key, once we have this key everything recovers meaning, and improvements They occur naturally. Not having the key to our life does not mean that we are sick, only disoriented and lost, and to solve this does not take much time, only the time it takes to find the key. For this reason, LogoCoaching is no therapy, just a light to find what we need.

LogoCoaching doesn't just listen... it says things to reflect and connect with oneself.

Ultimately, what it is about is to support people to be independent, so that each one can find the solution to his doubts by himself.




It is a discipline that contemplates, among other things, the fact that every human being is an expert in his own life, and that no one else can know what really happens to him.

I do not intend to have the answers to all the questions, I only consider that what works for one person to another can harm another.

The psychological aspects of people are completely different between one and the others because their thoughts can never be the same for each one, since they depend on their experience, which is unique, their perception that it is completely subjective, its beliefs, its mechanisms of defense, etc.

For this reason, I intend only to orient people where they really want to go based on who they are, with all the respect that deserves the unique and unrepeatable essence of each being.




Coaching is a personal training focused on a person's ability to improve a specific aspect of his life.

What is presumed is that everyone has in their interior the answers to all the doubts they may have, and that the only drawback is that they do not realize the potential or the real possibilities they have. The coaching process is designed to accompany a person to reflect on their areas of improvement and uncover the potential asleep to improve where necessary.

In the most unconscious part, all the answers are buried and many of the discomforts that are encountered, when they get to the surface, the potential becomes a power and discomfort disappears.